About Us - 24/7 Monitoring, NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre
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About Us

Learn about what we do

About Us

24/7 Monitoring is an NSI Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre. We provide monitoring services throughout the whole of the UK.


Using state of the art technology and the highest standards of service, we provide end users with the most reliable and efficient fast response monitoring in the market. Whether that is for CCTV, intruder, fire alarms or for other systems and purposes.


We’ve invested heavily in the latest technology to ensure you benefit from the most up to date and accurate alarm handling.  We deliver a first class service to installers, enabling you to offer a wider range of services to your customers, supported by comprehensive account management and support facilities.

Our Services

24/7 Monitoring have an extended capacity to take on new contracts of all sizes. We currently take care of a huge supermarket chain, several builder’s merchant chains, and hundreds of SME’s and residential properties.


We are industry accredited to Gold Standard by the National Security Inspectorate. This means we work continuously to maintain excellence and, therefore, the very highest standards within our industry.


The only NSI Gold Standard monitoring station in North Wales, our North Wales centre can serve anywhere in the UK, with English and Welsh speaking operators.

Why choose us ?

We offer a non-branded or ‘white label’ service for our clients. As a result, we establish a guaranteed confidentiality agreement with every client, for all of our monitoring services. And offer total discretion for all our 3rd party partners.  When a service user calls 24/7 Monitoring, they would simply hear, ‘Alarm Receiving Centre, how may I help you?’


We would love to invite you to visit our state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre, meet the team and understand more about how we operate. Essentially, because we offer what others cannot – a personal approach. 24/7 Monitoring is not a large corporate machine. We have a human approach to our service, so we know our clients by name, not by a number.


We are a long-established family run business. Hence why many of our highly trained and dedicated ARC operators have been with us for many years.

Why does this matter ?

It matters because it means a familiar relationship is built between the end users and our operators. Your user is certainly not just another number in a system!


Our dedicated operators think beyond ‘checking the box’. We often go over and above other providers who only need to reach certain protocols. Not only does this allow for an all-round better experience for the service users, but above all it is beneficial in helping to identify suspicious behaviour at a site or property more accurately.


Our operators have detailed site knowledge. We can identify usual routines, cars, and activities. This puts us in a much greater position to spot and react to abnormal activity. And we can administer a fast live tannoy response, proven to be effective in stopping criminals in the act.

Why Monitor ?

As well as investing in the best equipment, it is of critical importance what happens once that system is activated. Our experienced Monitoring Station reviews and takes immediate action upon alarm and camera activations. Depending on the specific client’s agreed protocol, the operator will alert key-holders, deliver a live tannoy response, alert the police or perform another pre-agreed action.


There is a growing number of apps available for end users today. While this may suit some domestic clients, they can also have major flaws as they require total attention, judgement and response to phone notifications. That is not something that is practical or desirable when you are in a day full of meetings, or enjoying a long-haul holiday in the Maldives!


By offering monitoring, your customers can rest their mind at ease as we will be taking full care of their property, premises or equipment.

Meet the Team


Alarm Receiving Centre Manager


ARC Technical Supervisor


ARC Shift Supervisor


ARC Shift Supervisor


ARC Business Support