CCTV Monitoring - 24/7 Monitoring, NSI Gold Accredited ARC
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CCTV Monitoring and Security Alarm Monitoring

Our Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) is fully BS8418 accredited.

Sentinel Plus is fully integrated with the following systems; Adpro, (Fastrace, FastVu, Fastscan & Insight) and Video Domain Technologies “NetI”.


Transmission paths available are PSTN, ISDN & ADSL (IP). We can also monitor Redcare ISDN.

Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC)

We also offer Visually Verified Panic Alarm Services. These are in conjunction with the above transmission systems. When panic buttons are pressed on site, they will send images to our RVRC. Hereto, our team of professional operators will recognise and interpret the images and will act on what they see. This ensures that you get the correct response to the incident.

Sensor Driven Activations

Once a sensor on the protected site activates, it will dial out on its transmission path to our RVRC. One of our trained operators will then analyse the images sent, carrying out the correct course of action required.

Site Audio

Out of working hours we can talk to staff/visitors via intercoms. We can also issue warning tannoy challenges via the sites speaker system.

Additional Services

Our RVRC is also capable of controlling access/egress on sites, whether it’s gates or barriers. We can also control lighting on site. When a sensor driven activation is received, the operator dealing with the activation can turn the lights on to view the area and the lights will be turned off (ensuring maximum visibility during hours of darkness and saving your customer’s electricity bill). These are just two examples of how our RVRC can assist your customers. But if the system can be operated by a relay, we can help you too.

Fault reporting is carried out. So if a no video signal is received, or we are unable to connect to the control equipment on a site, your customers will be informed. Therefore, there is no loss of protection on the site. The installer will be informed as per the customer’s requirements.